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Full Dimension Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


FULL DIMENSION Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Service Scope

Immersive Audio Experience Turnkey Solution (from Design, AV Integration, Installation, Digital Music Production, On-Site Management and Execution)



Core Product/Service

Integrated Solution for Immersive Audio Experience

Target Market

  • Theatre/Concert hall/Opera house

  • Theater recording

  • Multimedia exhibition space

  • Music engineering

  • Electronic music composition laboratory

  • Recording studio

  • Acoustic installation

  • Large-scale music festival events

  • Indoor space acoustic processing

Successful Clients

  • The world's tallest concert hall - Holographic Concert Hall on the 126th floor of Shanghai Center

  • Guanfu Museum on the 37th floor of Shanghai Center

  • Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall Recording System

  • Shanghai University Concert Hall

  • Multimedia System of San Francisco Conservatory of Music

  • Digital TV National Engineering Center Laboratory

  • China Music Engineering Laboratory of School of Media and Animation

  • Academy of Fine Arts, Screening Room of Magic Dimension Digital Creative Technology Co., Ltd. under Shanghai Oriental Media Group (SMG)

  • Surround Sound Laboratory of Shanghai Normal University School of Music

  • Onkyo (Onkyo) China Headquarters and Hong Kong Audio-Visual Studio

  • "Modern Audio Technology" magazine audio-visual room, etc.

Awards and Achivements

Gold Award-Global Creative Technology Design Award

Company Introduction

FULL DIMENSION - a leading international multimedia complete solution service provider.

FULL DIMENSION is the first professional team in music engineering in China. Based on the international advanced professional technology, the company provides customers with complete multimedia audio and video solutions and services. It has attracted domestic and foreign scholars and experts in the fields of music engineering, audio and video multimedia creativity, music acoustics, room acoustics, interior design, etc., such as: Mr. Rupert Neve, a world-renowned master of mixer design, known as the industry's leading designer. "Godfather"; Mr. Andy Munro - the design master of more than 300 top cases such as the BBC recording studio; Mr. Simon Franglen - the music producer of the movies "Avatar" and "Titanic"; Professor Chen Qiangbin ——Director of Music Engineering Department of Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Professor Sheng Shengwo——Doctoral supervisor of Tongji University, etc. Such a strong technical team can be called the "dream team" of multimedia companies.

FULL DIMENSION uses the world's leading "4D holographic sound" technology, which subverts the traditional sound playback method, to design and build the world's leading "4D holographic audio and video" system integration design, so that sound no longer stays on the plane , truly experience the immersive and revolutionary ultimate holographic sensory enjoyment!


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