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Absen Inc.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Absen Inc.

Service Scope

LED Display Technology and AV Integration Solution



Company Size


Financing Status

Listed company

Core Product/Service

LED Technology, LED Related Solutions

Target Market

  • Advertising Display (standard billboards, outdoor large screens, transportation hubs, street view advertising, digital signage, sports, etc.)

  • Stage display (corporate events, public events, performing arts activities, TV broadcasting, etc.), Commercial display (brand chains, commercial complexes, etc.)

  • Theme parks/attraction(exhibitions, churches, cruise ships, casinos, etc.)

  • Data visualization (control rooms, radio and television studios, etc.)

  • Conference screens (government and enterprises, education, financial service institution, hotels, etc.)

Successful Clients

  • Hollywood, Disney

  • Universal Studios

  • World Cup/European Cup

  • NBA

  • New York Times Square

  • Various large media events

Company Introduction

Absen Group (stock code: 300389), founded in 2001, is the world's leading provider of true LED display applications and services. Absen LED display, with vivid images and reliable quality, has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad. The products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions such as America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc. Currently, more than 50,000 application examples have been successfully implemented, which are widely used in advertising display, stage display, commercial display, data visualization, conference screen and other fields , Excellent product cases include Hollywood, Disney, Universal Studios, World Cup, European Cup, NBA, New York Times Square, and various large-scale media events. The export value of display screen products has ranked first in the industry for 12 consecutive years.

At present, Absen Group has more than 2,000 employees. Absen Group includes Shenzhen headquarters, Huizhou manufacturing base, and 13 companies including Absen America, Germany, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Absen Conference, and Absen Investment. Companies at home and abroad. With world-leading automated production equipment and modern laboratories, professional management, R&D, production and perfect sales and service teams, it provides a strong guarantee for product quality, large-scale, standardized production and fast delivery.

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