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Beijing Dison Digital Entertainment

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


Dison Digital Entertainment

Service Scope

Animation and New Media Content Collaborative Production, Virtual Reality Software Development, System Integration, Education and Training.



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Total solution for motion capture, virtual reality, film and television special effects, animation production and technical services

Target Market

Animation, games, film and television, online media

Successful Clients

  • CCTV

  • Hunan Satellite TV

  • Beijing Film Academy

  • China Opera Academy

  • Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University

  • School of Communication and Art of Tongji University

  • Beijing Union University

  • Zhejiang Normal University, Hunan Radio and Television Group

  • CCTV Animation Co., Ltd.

  • China Film Group Hualong Film Digital Production Co., Ltd.,

  • Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio

  • NetEase Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd.,

  • Microsoft Research Asia

  • Wuxi National Animation Industry Base

  • Department of Vocational Capacity Building

  • Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security

Company Introduction

​Beijing Dison Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. aims at providing animation production, technology research and development as well as education services for domestic and oversea markets. It stresses on introducing cutting edge technology from other countries as well as on independent research and development. After a long-term effort, it's now a comprehensive company integrated the animation production, the development for VR, VFX, and motion capture, the system integration, education training, international communication and cooperation and so on, making it famous for technology advantages in the digital content market.

The history of Dison's company stems from the introduction of 3D animation into China. Since then, it has undertaken the development of a number of major national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, including national 863 science and technology projects, through the introduction of international advanced technology and development strategies that focus on independent research and development. It is at the leading level in the areas of collaborative animation production, virtual reality, film and television special effects, and motion capture. Among them, the research and development of 3D freeze-frame animation technology leads the world, and it is a technology leader in the field of animation and digital entertainment.

Beijing Dison Animation Production Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dison Digital Entertainment, is a well-known professional animation production company in the international animation market. The company has more than 20 years of experience in animation art and technology experts, and has a professional production line networked with internationally renowned animation companies. Combining the technological advantages of the head office, the company provides global creation and production services of 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation, film and television special effects, and virtual reality interactive animation.

This company, which is completely owned by Dison, mainly engaged in education and is professionally for international exchanges, cooperation, animation education and experience. Its main business includes: organizing international and domestic animation technology exchange and animation festivals, animation technology research and animation training, animation education and solution design as well as animation experience. The company currently undertakes projects organization for many well-known international and domestic animation festivals such as the Zagreb, Annecy, Xiamen, Hangzhou and Qingdao., etc. It built China's first popular science and animation experience center.

Awards and Achievements

1. Introduced China's first 3D animation equipment, successfully completed China's first 3D animation production task, and created the first 3D animation image-Panda Panpan.

2. Provide computer coloring technology for "Journey to the West".

3. Combining multimedia and Internet technology, we independently developed the Dison network line shooting system, which has become the standard for the designated equipment and outsourcing data format of international animation processing contractors.

4. With the latest sensing and 3D animation technology, Dickson participated in the production and development of Bill Deng, China's first virtual TV host. In the same year, Bill Deng changed his name to "Yan Dongfang", officially joined the recording of "Science and Technology Weekly", and officially met with the audience.

5. Li Zhongqiu, chairman of Dickson, proposed the pan-animation theory, which aims to extend the animation field from traditional animation to a wide range of animation applications.

6. Dickson independently develops active optical motion sensors.

7. Li Zhongqiu, chairman of Disheng, organized and attended the animation expert seminar of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and since then the country has formulated the national animation industry support policy. Li Zhongqiu, Chairman of Qidi

8.sheng, was hired as an expert member of the Expert Committee of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference on Supporting the Development of the Animation Industry.

9. Dickson Company undertakes the National 863 Science and Technology Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology "3D Animation Public Technology Platform".

10. Successfully completed the construction of “Paperless Animation Public Technology Platform”, a major science and technology plan in Beijing, passed the government acceptance and received high praise.

11. Dickson independently developed a new generation of three-dimensional stop-motion animation production system - Moco Toon.

12. Dickson Animation, together with France and Australia, completed the production of the Christmas blockbuster "Santa" on the transnational platform of paperless animation, which was a great success.

13. In the first animation award of the China Culture and Art Government Award, the product "Dison MOCO stop motion animation production system" independently developed by Dickson won the Best Animation Technology Achievement (Shortlist) Award.

14. Dickson cooperated with Beijing Shijingshan Science and Technology Committee to establish China's first youth science animation experience center.

15. Dickson and the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established a joint laboratory to carry out comprehensive technical cooperation in the field of digital creativity.

16. Dickson won the double awards of "30th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" and "30th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Product" by Beijing Soft Association

17. Dickson was awarded the "Best Innovative Enterprise Award in the Field of Human-Computer Interaction of the Year".

18. At the Global Virtual Reality Industry Innovator Summit, Dickson won the "Best Interactive Device of the Year Award"!


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