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Blue Phoenix New Media Arts Studio


Blue Phoenix New Medis Arts

Service Scope

Creative Design and Execution, Digital Arts and Installations



Core Product/Service

Curate Original Multimedia IP Exhibition to Tell Chinese Culture and Heritage Story, Offer Multimedia Solution to Commercial Real Estate

Successful Clients

  • "Sacred Animals at Palace Museum Exhibition"-The Palace Museum

  • Shanghai International Fruit Fair

  • “Dream of Red Mansions”Themed Exhibition-Jiangsu Garden Expo Park

  • “400 Years of Magic City“-Shanghai Yu Garden

  • Beijing International Book Fair

  • "Latern Festival for Emperor Xian at Ming Dynasty"-The National Museum of China

Awards and Achivements

  • "Gold Medal in Interpretive Interactive Installation"-American Association of Museums AAM 2012 MUSE Awards

  • "The third most popular exhibition in the world"-British "Art News" 2011 annual survey

  • Gold Award-2018 Golden Investment Awards for Commercial Creativity

  • SMARTTES CHINA2018 China Wireless Marketing Awards

  • Media Application - Mobile Terminal Disp

Studio Overview

"Blue Phoenix New Media Art" is committed to create immersive and interactive solution that combines business, art, and cultural heritage. Use innovative technology, art, design, craftsmanship and other methods to interpret the humanistic connotation that belongs to the Chinese.

It also focuses on original IP exhibitions that re-translate Chinese culture and aesthetics with contemporary new media, and launches China and world tours. At the same time, an innovative cultural and commercial complex will be created, which will focus on displaying cultural themes in the new media exhibition hall, extending its related sub-topics to cultural commerce in various dimensions of life style and business functions, and reshape the online and offline experience and imagination. Let business and urban space become the cultural carrier of happy life, and open up a new look of cultural, technological and commercial complexes.

The studio invites creative people from the fields of visual art, museum display, literature, game creative development, animation, programming, electronic circuits, performing arts, music, media research and design to join. The professional team of design and development, constantly cross-border creation and development of new concepts and presentation methods.

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