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New Dimensional Imagination Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


New Dimensional Imagination Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Service Scope

Software Development



Core Product/Service

  • Ultra-high-definition 2D/3D data scanning

  • Digital exhibition design and execution

  • Digitalize museum and heritage items


  • 6 patents

  • 21 original copyrights

  • 1 scientific and technological achievement

  • 5 National High-Tech Company qualifications

Target Market

  • Cultural and tourist attractions

  • Theme parks

  • Family entertainment centers

  • Science centers

Awards and Achivements

  • The eighth council unit of the Chinese Society of Cultural Relics

  • Vice Chairman Unit of National Cultural Big Data Industry Alliance

  • 2021 Digital Culture Annual Inheritance and Protection Enterprise

  • The first group of governing units of the Digital Cultural Industry Ecological Alliance

  • Participated in the compilation of national cultural big data system construction standards

  • The fourth batch of national culture and technology integration demonstration bases

Company Introduction

Founded in June 2012, New Dimensional Imagination Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a National High-Tech Company based on the research and development and application of cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and somatosensory interaction. It provides customers in different industries with overall solutions based on virtual reality and somatosensory interaction services. .

Focusing on the research and development in the digital field of cultural and expo, mining the multi-dimensional value of traditional cultural heritage, and devoting to elevating the digital resources in the field of cultural and expo into new strategic cultural resources, and creating an innovative industrial chain of cultural and expo.

Explore the integration of technology and culture, and focus on building a diverse professional team: experts in computer software, hardware, and algorithms; experts in 2D\3D scanning, cultural relics photography, and cultural museums such as exhibition planning, exhibition design, archaeology, and ancient architecture Professionals.


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