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Seengene Inc.


Seengene Inc.

Service Scope

Metaverse Platform Software Development



Core Product/Service

Metaverse Platform

Target Market

  • Museums/Art Gallery/Exhibition

  • Cultural/Commercial/Pedestrian Street

  • Shopping Center

  • Cultural Tourism Destination

  • Industrial Park/Industrial Real Estate

Awards and Achievements

  • 2020 Global Founders Conference TOP50 Most Innovative Founders

  • 2020 King of New Economy Top Ten Most Innovative Enterprises in Industry

  • 2020 WISE New Smart City New Power Enterprise

  • 2020 Business Review China Emerging Enterprise Innovation List

  • 2020 Wanda-Huawei First 5G Business Innovation Application Competition Overall Champion

  • 2020 Beijing-Hong Kong Youth Chuang Cup Entrepreneurship Competition National Champion

  • 2nd place in the 2020 Global AI Cultural and Creative Competition GAAC Finals

  • 2nd place in the national finals of the 2020 China Content Technology Entrepreneurship Competition

  • 5G innovative applications at the 2020 International Operators Exchange Conference

  • 2020 Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition Annual Industry Leadership Award

  • 2020 CCBN Cultural Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals

  • 2020 Ali Al Star Class/Tencent Discovery Program/Huawei Wo-Program Member

  • 2019 - Overall Champion of the 1st International Virtual Reality Technology Competition

  • 2019 CITC China Entrepreneur Competition National Champion

  • 2019 China Investment Association "Top Ten Most Valuable Awards"

  • 2019 China Finance Summit "Most Growth Value Award"

  • 2019 Facebook Overseas Summit Forum "Most Investment Value Award"

  • 2019 4th Global Artificial Intelligence Summit "AR Platform Leader of the Year" Award

  • 2019 Mobile World Congress AR&AI Platform Leader Award

  • 2019 China Science and Technology Innovation Invention Achievement Award

  • 2019 Most Innovative Digital Service Provider

  • 2019 "People's Posts and Telecommunications" AR&Al Solution Platform Leader Award

  • 2019 Digital Observation Network "Most Innovative Digital Service Provider"

  • 2019 Hangzhou Future City "Enterprise Cooperation Award"

  • 2019 China High-Value Patent Cultivation Competition "Winning Award"

  • 2019 "Vike Cup" China Artificial Intelligence Industry Excellent Product Application Award

  • 2019 SAP Enterprise Innovation Camp Excellence Award

  • 2018 Star Creator Global Smart Entrepreneurship Competition Top Prize

  • 2017-2019 AR Best Application Award

Company Introduction

Seengene Inc., which means "seeing what you see", is an artificial intelligence company focusing on the core technology of mixed reality, a leader in MR world space map and virtual-real symbiosis metaverse.

The core members are all masters and doctors from famous schools at home and abroad. Since its establishment in 2016, it has received multiple rounds of financing and has dozens of international and domestic qualification certifications and championships. It is located in Beijing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou.

Knowing Yaotu EoniMap is the leader of MR world space maps, with a national market share of 70%+. Yaotu Earth plans to cover 300+ cities and 100,000+ landmarks, empowering cultural tourism with "Google search in the age of three-dimensional space Internet". Business/game/social/city and other scenarios.

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