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Shenzhen Blaz Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


Shenzhen Blaz Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Service Scope

XR Metaverse Interactive Content Creation and Software Development



Company Size


Core Product/Service

(1) AR interactive content + SaaS background content operation platform

(2) X-mirror interactive content platform

(3) HoloShare MR visual interaction platform

(4) No green screen real-time image keying interactive system

(5) Mobile AR application - Shishi AR

(6) 3D interactive digital collection


  • The first council member of Huawei 5G Deterministic Network Industry Alliance

  • National High-Tech Enterprise

  • Shenzhen high-tech enterprise

  • Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Augmented Reality Association

  • The 16th Shenzhen Enterprise Innovation Record

  • Member of China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance

  • Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition for the 40th Anniversary of Guangdong's Reform and Opening-up

  • One of the 18 5G pilot projects of Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Industry and Information Technology in 2019

  • Invention patent "A system and image processing method for AR interactive large screen"

  • 17 trademarks, 118 software copyrights, 2 art copyrights, 5 appearance patents

  • Sponsor of Shenzhen Science Popularization Enterprise Association

  • Sponsor of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Collaborative Innovation Promotion Association

  • Sponsor of Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprise Service Association

  • Executive Vice President Unit of Shenzhen Virtual Reality Federation

Target Market

  • Cultural tourism destination

  • Themed attraction

  • Museums/Science Museum

  • Smart community center

  • Campuses/ Learning center

  • Digital exhibition halls

Successful Clients

Huawei, People's Daily Online, Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, China Telecom, China Mobile, Korean Academy of Literature, Aerospace Information Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dream Building Star, Guangzhou Xinhua Publishing Group, Chengdu Media Group, Lushang Media Group, Digital Culture Investment, Henan Cultural Industry Investment Co., Ltd., Azure Times, Colored Planet, Yangcheng Chuanggu, NBA, Hershey, Costa Cruises, Coca-Cola, Nanfu, ZTE, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Master Kong, Philips, Yiquan, China Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Lanzhou, China Construction Bank, Bank of Guilin, Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition Center, Asia Sands Fair, Huaqing Palace, Intangible Cultural Heritage Life, Overseas Chinese Town, Ketianxia Scenic Area, Guanshanyue Art Museum, Flaming Mountain, Terminus, Peach Blossom Valley, Zhongke Meiluo, Binzhou Science and Technology Museum

Awards and Achivements

  • 2021 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Competition "Smart Party Building" Special Competition National First Prize, National Red Party Building Feature Award

  • 2021 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "Blooming Cup" 5G Application Competition Cloud XR Special Competition Creative Award

  • 2021 People's Network Content Technology Creative Competition Organizing Committee Recommendation Award

  • 2021 National Digital Technology Creative Design Competition Excellence Award

  • 2021 Outstanding Digital Cultural Tourism Project Award

  • 2021 Outstanding VR/AR Industry Application Award

  • Top 50 Immersive Vision Solutions Companies in 2021

  • 2020 World VR Industry Conference VR/AR Innovation Award

  • 1st place in 5G track of 2020 Huawei Developer Competition, 2nd place in ISV group

  • 2019 Excellent Product Award of the 21st China Hi-Tech Fair

  • 2019 Asia VR&AR Gold Award - AR Leading Award

  • 2019 Asia VR&AR Gold Award - Content Team Leader Award

  • 2019 Asia VR&AR Gold Award - VR/AR Hardware Design Gold Award

Company Introduction

Shenzhen Blaz Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading XR Metaverse interactive content operator and industry solution provider in China. It conducts content creation and research and development based on the six supporting technologies of the Metaverse.

The products cover Metaverse large-screen interaction, mobile AR, MR and other forms, and provide integrated and comprehensive application solutions such as technology research and development, content creation, and operation management for cultural tourism, popular science education and other application scenarios. The company is a national National High-Tech Company.

Over the past seven years, the company has been adhering to innovation as the orientation, integrating cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality, skeleton tracking, and face recognition to create the largest AR interactive content library in China and the industry's only SaaS content operation platform. At the same time, Bole Information has established a digital collection distribution platform "Bozang Future" with Metaverse 3D interaction as the core based on the blockchain value confirmation, in line with the national strategy, creating a "Digital Silk Road", and empowering Chinese excellence for digital technology. Traditional culture contributes the greatest value to the world.

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