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Service Scope

Creative Desgn, Software Development

Company Size


Core Product/Service

Sound and visual creative design and production, human-computer intelligent interaction, software technology research and development

Target Market

Cultural tourism, digital exhibition halls, museums, corporate exhibition halls, catering and entertainment, creative towns, Internet celebrity blocks, children's interactive playgrounds

Successful Clients

  • Shijiazhuang Mirage Art Museum

  • Saudi Arabia Holographic Ballroom

  • Yuniuling Winery

  • Xi'an Yuyan Palace

  • Sichuan Luzhou Yangtze River Museum

  • Xinjiang Zunmao Hongfu Hotel

  • Sansha Industrial and Commercial Bank

  • Hainan Henderson City

  • Guangdong Satellite TV

  • Zumba International Restaurant

Company Introduction

Vzia is a digital National High-Tech Company composed of visual/sound artists, programmers, and interactive hardware geeks dedicated to the creative design and production of sound visuals, human-computer intelligent interaction, and software technology research and development. It has been rated as "National National High-Tech Company" and "Guangzhou Software Park Backbone Enterprise" for many years.

Vzia is one of the earliest companies in China to enter the multimedia sound and optoelectronics creativity. It is committed to the transformation of cultural tourism theme park night tours, digital multimedia interactive exhibition halls, large-scale naked-eye 3D video projection, panoramic giant screen KTV, holographic restaurant banquet hall, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, holographic phantom imaging, 4D multi-dimensional cinema, and continue to expand cross-border applications in cultural tourism theme parks, exhibition spaces, data services, commercial entertainment and other fields

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