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Beijing Phoenix Digital Technology Co. Ltd.


Beijing Phoenix Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Service Scope

Creative Design, Digital Vision, AV Integration, Project Management and Execution



Core Product/Service

Exhibition Design and Execution, Digital Art Installations, VR Solution, Interactive Marketing


National High-Tech Company

Target Market

  • Cultural Tourism Destination

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • City Renovation

  • Exhibition

Successful Cases

  • Qingming Shanghe Map 3.0

  • Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains Map 3.0

  • Song Chao Amusement Park

  • Phoenix Future Park

Award and Achivement

Platinum Award-2021 Global Creative Technology Design Award

Company Introduction

Beijing Phoenix Digital Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. Relying on the strong brand influence and media communication capabilities of Phoenix Satellite TV Group, it has established cooperative relations with museums, top cultural KOLs, and educational resources around the theme of "culture + technology", integrating art, Continue to create excellent IP with independent intellectual property rights, and form offline live experience products, online products and derivative consumer goods, such as exhibition performances, theme halls, theme Paradise, films, educational courses, publications, cultural and creative products, etc., empower industries such as government urban renewal projects, commercial complexes, cultural tourism towns, and tourist attractions.


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