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GOOEST Media Technology Daqing Co.,Ltd



GOOEST Media Technology Daqing Co.,Ltd

Service Scope

Digital new media research and development and application areas; exhibition halls, children's entertainment, business integration, children's education, cultural tourism night tours, digital sports



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Digital New Media Solution


National High Tech Company

Target Market

Museum/Science Center, Education, Cultural Tourism, Digital Art, Family Entertainment Center, Children Entertainment

Successful Clients

  • Huangshan Tourism Global Development Co., Ltd(Huangshan huangxiaohui light and shadow Park);

  • Henan Yinji Xuanyuan Shengjing Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd

  • Yinji International Tourism resort, Liuzhai Town, Xinmi City, Henan Provinc

  • Beijing Century overseas Chinese Town Industrial Co., Ltd(Beijing Happy Valley Light and Shadow Park)

  • Chongqing heartbeats Wanjia Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd(Heartbeat home entertainment decompression Hall)

  • Tangshan National Geopark Museum

  • Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum

  • Beijing Asia Pacific Cultural finance data Technology Research Institute(Daocang immersive digital art museum);

  • Shanghai naierbao Enterprise Management Co., Ltd;

  • Daqing Museum

Awards and Achivements

  • Key cultural export enterprises、

  • Heilongjiang May 1st Labor Award、

  • The second prize of "five small" innovation competition for millions of employees in Heilongjiang Province in 2020、

  • Runner up of the finals of 2020 National Smart sports innovation and Design Competition、

  • The project of Huahai Digital Art Museum won the "outstanding case Award" of Chinese cultural equipment in 2019、

  • Awards for innovation and excellent promotion、

  • raindrop. Travel was rated as the innovative exhibit of the 10th China (Wuhu) popular science products Expo、

  • Natural Arcanum was rated as the innovative exhibit of the 10th China (Wuhu) popular science products Expo、

  • The second prize of Heilongjiang division growth group of the 9th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Company Introduction

Founded in 2010, SITE Technology is a leading enterprise in the field of digital new media in China. It has always focused on innovative research and development of digital new media and multi-industry cross-border integration. Steer owns independent (sub) brands such as Steerland, Digital Sports, Zhipi Education, Steer International, as well as independent research and development of more than 70 interactive products, more than 500 application scenarios and a variety of different industry solutions



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