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CDEX Digital 



Immersive and interactive consumption market is a signifiant growing market in China and the world. As the market, especially the Z-generations prefer digital, interactive and immersive way to experience knowledge, culture, entertainment, brand value and all other aspects of life, more and more tourism destinations, museum, art gallery, shoppping mall, advertising, education institutions are looking for innovative way to deliver their experience to get their target market buy in. Even though the market potential is big, the creative talents, and companies at culture-tech industry are fragmented all over the world. 

CDEX Digital, produced by TCDIC, is initiated to create an onine virtual platform to facilitate trade and exchange among companies at culture-tech industry ecosystem, and with the buyers. It aims to present premium creative talents, innovative technology and creative service providers to the market and the potential buyers. 


This program is the online version of CDEX Global, which has been held since 2018.   (


CDEX Digital Program consists of two parts: Online Premium Companies Exhibition, and Metaverse-Digital Art Gallery. 

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Who can Apply

Individual or companies can all apply for CDEX Digital to present your creative service, product or service. 


CDEX Digital will present the online exhibits via TCDIC Global office website (, CDEX Global Website ( and TCDIC Official Linkedin page.


Each batch will only take up to 100 companies (Chinese and International), and will present for at most 6 months. These 100 companies will have the priority to be selected to be the finalists at the Global Creative Technology Design Award of that year. (The application fee can be waived)


If the exhibitors exhibit digital art, or digital visual related exhibits, it will be selected to participate TCDIC Metaverse  Digital Art Gallery. 

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What to Exhibit

Participants shall exhibit succecssful cases/scenario adopted by its creative service, product or creative design. In order to let the potential buyers or relevant business partners along side the industry ecosystem to find you, participants shall also illustrate how their creativity, design, product make an impact on this succscessful case or scenario. 

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Exhibit Scope
  • Creative Service/ Design Studio

    • Advertising Company

    • Event Planning and Execution Company

    • Themed Attraction Design

    • Tourism Destination Design

    • Museum/Science Center/Family Entertainment Center Design

    • Experiential Design

    • Immersive design

    • Spacial Design

    • Architecture Design

    • Fashion/Virtual fashion design

    • Any other creative companies that can help clients to use innovative technolgy or stunning visual to tell story of the brand of country value. 

  • Digital Audio/Visual Content Creation Studio

    • Animation Studio​

    • VR/AR/XR Studio

    • Music Studio

    • Game Development Studio

    • Any other digital content creation studios that can help clients to use stunning visual to tell story of the brand, country, knowledge, heritage and etc. 

  • IP and IP related business service
    • IP charactor design
    • IP license service
    • IP merchandise manufacturer and operation service
    • Pop store design and operation
    • Any other service that can help to maximize the commercial value of the IP
  • Audio-Visual/Mutlimedia/Integrated Techology and Service Providers

    • Audio-visual integrator ​

    • Hologram solution provider

    • Flying theatre/dome theatre/cave theatre solution provider

    • LED Installation Providers

    • Any other system integrator capable in using audio, visual or other digitalt technology to tell creative story. 

  • Innovative software/hardware developer/manufacturer

    • Visual Technology (Projectors, LED, VR/AR  Hardware, 3D Display, Holographic Display and etc. ​

    • Audio Technology 

    • Scent Technology

    • Wearable Technology

    • Other consumer related innovative gadgets

  • Other product/service serving the experience consumption market

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What Is Experience Consumption Market

Experience consumption market is a growing sector in China and the world. You can view 2021 Winner List at Global Creative Technology Design Award to understand the available cases happened at this market. (

Please also feel free to access the webpage of "what is culture-tech industry" to understand the full picture of the industry and the market it works on. 

For the virtual exhibition and Global Creative Technology Design Award, we wil mainly invite following instutions to view what's available in the market to help them better understand and select quality service providers. 

  • Cultural Tourism Bureau/Government

  • Stated Own Company in charge of Creative Sector 

  • Tourism Destination 

  • Museum/Science Center

  • Industry Real Estate

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Brand/Advertising

  • General Contractor for Immersive Experience Projects

  • Live Entertainment Professionals

  • Culture-tech business players

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Application Timeline

SubmissionDeadline: The application is open all year round

Exhibition Time:            2022.08.15 (1st edition)


For companies and individual apply after the June 30, unless your application is more innovative or creative than the current exhibits, so you can replace the current exhibits. Your application will be considered for the next batch。

Fees and Sponsorship

This program is designed to gather all the quality elements of the suppliers side to better match with the demand side for the experience consumption market,  in order to create a sustainable ecosystem for culture-tech industry. Therefore, we DO NOT charge fee for virtual exhibition, but we only selected quality one to present online. 


However, if you would like to have outstanding presentation on the page, you may contact us for sponsorship option. 


It is fine to submit your material in English language, however, it will be much better if you can provider in both Chinese and English language to better present yourself. 

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