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Culture-tech industry is an interdisciplinary industry covering all businesses, studios, designers and entrepreneurs  working at the intersection of art, design, creativity and digital technology, The cross-disciplinary collaboration between creativity and technolg  produce various products and services which can apply in various scenarios in people's life, including home, automobile, entertainment, museum and theatre, themed attraction, education, brand and retail and etc. Accordiingly, these innovative products and services drive media and entertainment consumptions, retail consumptions, tourism consumptions.  

Elements of Culture-Tech Industry Chain


Experience Designers

Stage Art Designers


Themed Attraction Designers

Computer Animators/VFX Professionals

Space Designers

Interactive Media Designer

Game Developers

Graphic Designers

Fashion Designers

Advertising/PR Company


Digital Technology 

Broadcasting and Film Technology 

Game Engine  and Computer Graphic Technology

ICT Technology

Immersive Technology 

Advanced Display and Audio Technology

Museum and Heritage Technology 

Stage, Scene and Set Technology

Themed Attraction Technology

Education Technology

Advanced Printing Technology

Robotics and Other Emerging New Technology


Smart Home Solutions

Smart Mobility Solution

Smart Mobility Solution

Holographic Theatre Solution

Private VOD Cinema Solution

3D Projection Mapping

Dome Theatre Solution

CAVE System Solution

360 Circular Screen Theatre

Flying Theatre Solution

Dark Ride Solution

Multimeda Nightwalk

Laser Show

LBE VR Entertainment

AR Gallery/AR Entertainment

Naked Eye 3D LED Installation

XR Production 

Performance Robotics

Location Based

XR Entertainmnet 

Interactive Education

Projection Solution

Metaverse Platform

Immersive Audio Experience

Digital Human/Virutal Idol

Creatvity+Digital Technology

Produce Immersive and Interactive Experience 

Immersive and Interaction Experience 

Applied in 

Home Experience

Mobility Experience 

Art and Entertaiment Experience

Tourism Experience

Retail Experience

Brand and Fashion Experience

Education Experience

Healthcare Experience

Retaurant Experience

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