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Shanghai International Culture-Tech Industry Cluster is the only national level industry platform in China gathering all business and creative individuals working at the intersection of creativity, art and technology in China. 

It is home to professionals and business working at culture-tech industry. You can not only know the most updated market trends happened at the  industry domestically and internationally,  access to the industry expertise where you can apply for funding and loans, 

you can also know your upstream and downstream peers at the trade related event, and participate in experience solutions projects requeted by the market.  

TCDIC industry cluster has following strengths to help the entire culture-tech industry grow


  • TCDIC already established industry funds specifically supporting the development of culture-tech industry. 

  • TCDIC can help applying for government grant specifically designed for culture-tech industry. 

  • TCDIC has extensive partnership with major commercial banks, such as Bank of China. Merchant Bank, Bank of Shanghai to give busines loans with low rate to SMEs. 

  • TCDIC has had a pool of PE/VC investors who are ready to invest forward looking business. 

TCDIC offers various types of property solutions both in city center of Shanghai, and Lingang New District, that can help your business to grow. 

  • Rent Co-work spaces

  • Rent Office Spaces

  • Buy Office Building


TCDIC drafted the first research white paper regarding culture-tech industry since 2008, It later on partnership with various global partners to organize global level trade show, global summit and training program where the cluster keep accumulating its industry insights with the evolvement of the industry. 

  • TCDIC is the only national level platform authorized by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

  • TCDIC facilitates drafting the policy to support culture-tech industry for Shanghai

  • TCDIC facilitates drafting the subsidy policy for culture-tech industry registered at Lingang New District Special Zone. 

  • TCDIC is the leading author of culture experience equipment standrd for National Big Data Alliance for Culture Industry 

  • TCDIC initiated and established Shanghai Culture-Tech Industry Association, and take the role of president. 


TCDIC has partnership with major academic institutions in Shanghai that train students to work at culture-tech industry. If you 

  •  Shanghai Theatre Academy 

  •  Shanghai Film School Academy of Shanghai University 

  •  Shanghai Visual Art Academy 

  •  Of Course Interactive Design and Programming School

  • and more




TCDIC established global partnership or connection with reputable industry partners to help companies at culture-tech industry to further trade and exchange with each other. 

  • National Association of Broadcasters

  • Advanced Imaging Society

  • World XR Association

  • UK Department of International Trade-Creative Sector

  • ​UK Creative Industry Council

  • Advantage Austria

  • Asia Pacific Real Estate Association

  • Swissnex

  • German Design Council

  • Commercial Consulate of Various Countries in Shanghai

B2B Trade Related Events and Networks

TCDIC has organized B2B trade related events and create pool of elite networks at Culture-Tech Industry. 

  • NAB Show Shanghai

  • Shanghai International Culture-Tech Industry Expo (CDEX Global)

  • Global VR Industry Conference

  • Global Creative Technology Design Award

  • Trade Delegation to Austria, UK, Switzerland, Ecuado

  • Permanent Show Room for companies without offices in Shanghai

Export Solutions

TCDIC integrates elite companies at the industry cluster to create custom experience solutions to government,  museum, science center, school brand and advertising  

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