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Since 2015, TCDIC has dedicated to organize culture-tech industry specific trade related program to facilitate the trade and investment at culture-tech industry. You can always find your potential business partners or potential clients at our trade events. 


We also prepared a permanent show room to help business who does not have its office in Shanghai to set up its permanent demonstration in Shanghai. 

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CDEX Expo is a trade show organized by TCDIC since 2018.  

It is a B2B platform where companies at digital creative and culture industry can present their best solutions and innovative technology to their potential buyers, such as themed attraction, shopping mall, museum, science center, gallery and etc.

NAB Show Shanghai

NAB Show Shanghai is a trade show specialized in digital media and entertainment industry organized by both TCDIC and NAB from 2015-2019. 

NAB Show Shanghai is a global platform for professionals at digital media and entertainment industry where people can know the most forward looking industry trend, innovative technology and innovate business model. 

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Global Creative Technology Design Award

TCDIC initiated Global Creative Technology Design Award in year 2021. 


The purpose of the award is attract, collect and select premium creative talents to better serve growing immersive and interactive experience market. 

We received over 400+ applications from 16+ countries in 2021 and select 13 companies to be the platinum winners of the award. 

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Global Industry Summit

TCDIC has organized different types of Global Industry Summit to encourage the industry exchange and collaboration at culture-tech industry. 

TCDIC also actively participates in various industry conference organized by commercial consulate in Shanghai 

  • NAB Show-Global Innovation Exchange

  • CDEX Industry Ecosyste Summit

  • Global VR/AR Industry Conference

  • Global Intelligent Media Summit

  • Asia Pacific Real Estate Industry Conference

  • UK Createch Festival



Trade Delgation Program

Since 2016, TCDIC has organized several trade delegation program to facilitate cross-boarder trade and investment. 

  • Trade Delegation to NAB Show Las Vegas

  • Trade Delegation to IAAPA Orlando

  • Trade Delegation to Ecuador

  • Trade Delegation to U.K.

  • Trade Delegation to Austria and Switerland

  • Virtual Trade Delegation to Cogx Festival U.K.

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B2B Matchmaking.webp

Matchmaking Program

TCDIC organizes matchmaking activities for business at culture-tech industry to match with potential government and institutional buyers. It also facilitate the business partnership between upstream and downstream of the industry ecosystem. 

In addition to that, TCDIC also facilitates consulate and trade representatives organization to conduct business matchmaking between Chinese culture-tech companies with international culture-tech copmanies. 

Permanent Show Room

TCDIC specifically prepared a permanent show room at industry cluster to help non-Shanghai business or start up to demonstrate their experience solutions to receive their clients from all over the China or other countries. 

The permanent show room takes 1000 sqm. We select only select quality and forward looking solutions to be presented at the show room. 

TCDIC will be happy to be the trade agent for those business who does not have physical offices in Shanghai. 


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