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Yuanhope Vision

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


Yuanhope vision

Service Scope

Exhibition design solution, multimedia design, virtual reality, human-computer interaction system, software development, industrial simulation, 3D animation, film and television production, etc.

Company Size


Core Product/Service

  • Creative planning and design

  • Computer graphics (CG) technology

  • Software development


National High-Tech Corporation

Target Market

  • Corporate Exhibition Hall

  • Urban Planning Hall

  • Museum/Science Museum

Successful Clients

1. China National Offshore Oil Corporation; 2. China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd.; 3. Beijing Shuangjie Electric Co., Ltd.; 4. China Enfi Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.; 5. Beijing Jingcheng Electromechanical Holding Co., Ltd.; 6. Tianjin Municipal Planning and Design Institute; 7. Tianjin University; 8. Nankai University; 9. Tangshan Steel Valley Group; 10. Inner Mongolia Hongshan Museum; 11. Jingzhou Museum of Hubei Province; 12. COFCO Corporation; 13. Handan City, Hebei Province Shexian Government; 14. China National Nuclear Corporation; 15. NXP Semiconductors

Company Introduction

Yuanheng Vision (Tianjin Yuanheng Digital Technology Co., Ltd.) is a creative design and innovation enterprise with planning and design, digital integration capabilities, cutting-edge computer graphics (CG) technology and software development capability. After years of development, it has become a mature digital visual technology application company, a practitioner of cultural and creative industry innovation and a follower of industry benchmarks. Yuanheng strives to provide customers with overall project solutions based on digital visual services with superb technology, professional perspective, innovative thinking, and rigorous implementation technology.

As a domestic solution provider for digital creativity, visual technology and applications, Yuanheng Vision has been focusing on the research and development of digital interactive display technology, stereoscopic film imaging, intelligent control technology, and special-shaped large-screen display technology, and undertakes domestic Various types of visual direction design, brand promotion, commercial projects, and exhibition hall projects outside the country, with customers all over the country and many urban areas. Committed to promoting the corporate brand visual identification system, providing visual development services, deeply mining the application value based on cultural expression, and creating a strong visual display platform.

Yuanheng Vision has a team with a complex knowledge background composed of exhibition, architecture, art, cultural and blog, computer, engineering management, film and television director, etc., to provide customers with one-stop high standardization of consulting, planning, design, engineering, operation and maintenance Serve. The overall solution includes: enterprise digital marketing exhibition hall, digital urban planning exhibition hall, digital museum, digital science and technology museum, digital city, digital cinema, digital sand table, virtual reality (VR), human-computer interaction system, program development, multimedia intelligence, Industrial simulation, 3D animation, film and television production, design visualization, etc. Relying on years of industry experience, dig out and create display content and exhibits that are in line with customer communication concepts, and provide exhibitions for various exhibitions such as enterprise halls, planning halls, museums, science halls, party and government halls, theme halls, memorial halls, experience halls, etc. The museum provides integrated visual display services for multimedia exhibition halls.

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