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Responsive Space

Responsive Space(奥地利)

Service Scope

Creative Design to Execution

Core Product/Service

  • Experiential Design for Brand

  • Digital Art Installations

Target Market

  • Digital Live Entertainment

  • Brand Experience

  • Trade Show

Successful Clients

  • Retail Experience-Millenium City

  • Digital Installations-Top of Austria

Company Introduction

Responsive Spaces is a studio for design and technology, that creates and develops immersive and interactive brand experiences. Its tangible and walkable digital installations focus on immersive and interactive story telling and therefore combine any kind of digital worlds with physical places and locations.

Recent projects range from trade shows, exhibitions and digital enhanced architecture to showrooms, live-events and digital prototyping. Responsive Spaces takes pride in focusing on the story and the messages that ought to be delivered and then leverages almost any kind of digital technology to propel them to new heights.


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