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Nous Sonic

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Nous Sonic

Service Scope

Augmented Technology Solution, Immersive Audio Solution




Immersive Audio Software Solution

Target Market

  • Museums

  • Exhibition Rooms

  • Themed Environments

  • Historical Sites

  • Art Galleries

  • Environment/Spaces which are enhanced by sounds, stories and moods.

Partners Look For

Investors, Content Partner, R&D Cooperations

Company Introduction

NOUS Sonic is an interactive audio system that lets you control digital sounds through motion in space. The system experiences sound individually and interactively - far better than any audio guide can do. It conveys three-dimensional auditory and multimedia experiences for museum visitors and is a live setup tool that allows real-time creation and placement of audio exhibits. Moving around the room or turning your head causes sounds to be triggered or stopped; tonality, volume and angle of sound sources then change.

By centimeter-accurate and motion-sensitive localization of the user, the operation of a human ear is digitally replicated and supplemented. Everything audible and so far unknown can be experienced immersively via headphones. The sound and its changes inform volume or perspective which can be seen in realistic dependence within the position and orientation of the user based on objects or areas in space. This results in a natural effect of immersion made possible by the most innovative technology in the sector.


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