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9D Virtual


9D Virtual

Service Scope

Virtual Technology, Virtual Production, Digital Human, Motion Capture, Virutal Broadcasting Service

Core Product/Service

Virtual Production

Target Market

Traditional TV network media, sports events, gaming and e-sports companies, online medie

Successful Clients

  • Netease game "Fantasy Westward Journey" mobile game Martial God Altar Peak League S2 Finals Virtual Tracking Flying Cat + Virtual Tracking Electric Rabbit

  • AR live broadcast of Hollywood movie "The Megalodon" conference

  • "The future has come" REDS new car AR conference live broadcast

  • 2018 Beijing Fashion Night

  • Tmall Double Eleven Opening Ceremony AR Live Broadcast

  • 2020 Huawei China Spring Conference AR Live Broadcast

  • AR live broadcast of Nezha's online press conference

  • Tmall Cloud Fashion Week AR Virtual Live Streaming

  • Tmall Cloud Fashion Week AR Virtual Live Streaming

  • AR live broadcast of Besturn T77 car launch event

  • AR live broadcast of P&G online conference

  • One Piece Fighting Tournament "One Piece Blood Route" Captain Fighting Competition AR Live Broadcast

  • One Piece Hot Blood Route S3 Captain Fighting Competition Final AR Live Broadcast

  • Lancome 85th Anniversary AR Live

  • Real estate online conference AR live broadcast

Company Introduction

9D VIRTUAL is a first-line virtual visual effects execution team in China, with rich experience and cases in large-scale on-site projects.

9D VIRTUAL undertakes large and medium-sized AR/XR/MR design and creativity. It has a strong 3D design and production team to provide customers with virtual technology display, new technology development, virtual live broadcast services, virtual digital human, motion capture, and virtual audience system. It can provide planning and design services for sports, e-sports, military news production, and film AR production processes, as well as professional equipment rental services. It can undertake the design, integration, construction and training of broadcast-level virtual studios.

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