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Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Service Scope

Augmented Reality Software Development



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Augmented Reality Software Development Tools

Target Market

  • Art galleries

  • Museums

  • Educational institutions

  • Festivals

Partners Look for

Sales Partners, Distributors

Successful Clients

  • Museum of Modern Art, MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts

  • Shanghai Himalayas Museum

  • MIT

  • The Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul

  • The Leica Gallery in Singapore

Company Introduction

Artivive was founded by Sergiu Ardelean and Codin Popescu in January 2017 in Vienna, Austria. We’ve built a highly motivated and creative team of professionals and senior developers to help us become the augmented reality solution for artists and creatives.

Artivive is an AR tool that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art. The digital layer opens doors to a whole new world of possibilities. Artists can take visitors on a journey through time, explain what lies underneath, enhance the art with animations, or show how the artworks were made. 160.000 users are creating artworks with Artivive and are having exhibitions in 100 countries. For museums, exhibitions, galleries, and other art institutions Artivive offers a new and innovative way for the audience to interact with exhibitions. Visitors only have to use their smartphones or tablets in order to experience the layer of augmented reality.

We work with museums, galleries, festivals, and designers to present tailored solutions to individual problems. For them, Artivive provides a reliable, fast, and scalable infrastructure for the best experience for their visitors, prolonging visitation time, thus increasing emotional bonding. In addition, Artivive creates digital content, organizes workshops, and proposes artists for collaborations.


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