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Artmosphere Showlab

Updated: Aug 9, 2022


Artmosphere Showlab

Service Scope

Design digital art spaces, curate digital art exhibitions, create digital art installations

Core Product/Service

Digital art exhibition curation


China Consultant of International Cultural District Association

National Cultural Technology Innovation Service Alliance-Expert of Immersive Industry Committee

Member of National Cultural Big Data Industry Alliance National High-Tech Company

Target Market

Museum, Cultural Tourism, Cultural Business, Cultural Entertainment

Successful Clients

  • Beijing Expo - Digital Art Experience Exhibition (Permanent Exhibition)

  • The Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and China Youth Daily - New Media Mobile Exhibition in the 54th Century

  • Wu Changshuo Art Exhibition – Interactive Art Experience Installation

  • Nanjing Garden Expo Park - the world's first super large real-time interactive water body architectural projection scheme

  • Nike 001 Global Flagship Store - Atrium Installation

  • HELENA RUBINSTEIN Outdoor Wishing Device

  • HUAWEI Global Flagship Store – Creative Timekeeping

  • PUMA flagship store interactive experience

  • VERTU "LIVE or DIE" Immersion Exhibition

  • PHILIPS sound interactive device

Awards and Achivements

  • Awards Top 10 Multimedia Mobility Experience by Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee

  • Top Ten Exhibitions of National Museums "Excellent Award" "Hotian Museum - Historical Interactive Experience Installation"

  • "Gold Award" of the Global Digital Creative Technology Design Award "Plant Adventures Experience Exhibition"

Company Introduction

Artmosphere is a media lab and a social enterprise . It explores how art is displayed, appreciated and created in the digital age. Artmosphere is interested in creating digital artworks that exemplify the interaction of art and mentality/behavior. We carry out Open Art Museum project and Public Artists project, bringing artworks, art stories and art inspired products to people in their living environment, realized by mobile APP and Smart Canvas System.

Committed to promoting the publicization of digital art, through the combination of digital technology and artistic creativity, it creates a new form of cultural experience for public participation.

Cooperate with cultural blogs, cultural tourism, cultural business, cultural entertainment, etc. to design digital art spaces, plan digital art exhibitions, and create digital art installations.


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