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Beijing Dreamwild Tech Co. Ltd.

Updated: Aug 10, 2022


Beijing Dreamwild Tech Co. Ltd.

Service Scope

Software Development, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Computer Vision



Core Product/Services

AI digital human, AI 2D to 3D Service

Successful Cases

  • Robocop

  • Police Story

  • Wolf Totem

  • Looking for the Dragon

Company Introduction

Focusing on the research and development of computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, Juli Dimension is committed to subverting the film and television production industry with artificial intelligence and accelerating the digitalization of the era.

The artificial intelligence digital human drive engine developed by the company: Cyber ​​Action Ape, including artificial intelligence facial capture, motion capture, gesture capture, face reconstruction, voice-to-mouth and other technologies. platform with subversive leadership. It can be used in virtual live broadcasts, virtual idols, short videos, animation production, virtual customer service and other fields to accelerate the process of the digital age.

The company's research and development achievements have been successfully applied in the field of film and television, and participated in the production of many first-line film and television productions such as "Robocop", "Police Story", "Wolf Totem" and "Long Searching". Its core R&D department, Science Fiction Realization Laboratory, is mainly responsible for the implementation of production, education and research; and has started the first step of artificial intelligence film and television revolution: artificial intelligence three-dimensional designer-Zhengrong. It can automatically convert 2D video into 3D video, solving the major issue of insufficient 3D content that has plagued academia and industry for many years.


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