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Beijing Flowing Cloud Inc.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022


Flowing Cloud

Service Scope

VR, AR, Digital Human Development



Company Size


Core Product/Service

VR/AR Enterprise Service


National High-Tech Company

Target Market

  • Cultural Tourism Destination,

  • Education

  • Military

  • Museums

  • Science and Technology Museums

Successful Clients

Baidu, Tencent, Yuanmingyuan, Great Wall, etc.

Awards and Achievements

  • China Virtual Idol Charm Award

  • High-quality supplier of Jingdong Tiangong platform

  • Most valuable investment rated by Rhino Star Enterprise

  • Jingdong ARVR win-win partner, etc.


Company Introduction

Beijing Flowing Cloud Inc, the predecessor of Feitian Yundong, was established in 2008. At the beginning of its establishment, its main business was game development and distribution. In 2015, it officially launched AR/VR enterprise services and has now developed into the China Metaverse scene application layer (AR/VR content and services market) leading supplier. Relying on the self-developed AR/VR engine, the company deploys the Metaverse ecology, and realizes digital upgrade and business expansion empowerment for enterprises in various industries such as entertainment, Internet, e-commerce, real estate, cultural tourism, education, finance, real estate, automobile, live broadcast, technology, etc. .

The company's mission is to break down the dimensional barriers between the real world and the virtual world with AR/VR technology, and promote the development and growth of the metaverse. At present, the company has established in-depth cooperation with Internet giants such as Baidu,, Ali, and Tencent in the layout of the Metaverse.



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