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Bejing Wincomn Technology Co. Ltd.


Bejing Wincomn Technology Co. Ltd.


Service Scope

General Contractor, Project Management and Execution for Cultural Tourism/Nightwalk Project

Digital Animation Production



Company Size


Core Product/Service

General Contractor for Cultural Tourism/Nightwalk Project

Professional AV Solution Provider for Immersive Experience

Self-owned branded laser projector - "Keyingda"


Beijing Zhongguancun National High-Tech Company

Target Market

Cultural tourism, museums, exhibition halls, amusement parks, scenic spots, etc.

Successful Clients

Universal Studios Beijing, Hong Kong Disneyland, Sunac Park, Wanda Park, Huaian West Amusement Park, Silver Base Animal Kingdom, Haichang Ocean Park, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Gubei Water Town, Wuxi Nianhua Bay, Shanghai Planetarium, Macau Science Museum, National Cotton No. 6 Virtual Reality Industrial Park, State Grid, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Shipbuilding Corporation, China Mobile, Qingdao Sifang Bombardier, Great Hall of the People, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Olympics

Successful Cases

  • Shanghai Astronomy Museum

  • Quanjiao Taiping Ancient City Jinfu Building 3D Projection Show Project

  • Huayi Brothers (Jinan) Movie Town 3D Projection Show Project, Haihua Island Museum No. 4 Hall 360° Immersive Circular Theatre Project

  • Bailuyuan Film and Television City "10,000 Years A.D." "Dark Ride Project

Awards and Achivements

2019: "Dongyi Culture Museum" - Best Cultural Tourism Creative Projection Solution Award, Best Brand Award of Chongqing Cultural Expo, List of Top 100 Private Enterprise Cultural Enterprises in Beijing, "Guangzhou Sunac Paradise" - 201 Excellent Case Award"

2020: "ASEAN Big Data Laboratory Project" - Top Model Award for Benchmarking Projects in Informatization Audiovisual Industry

2019-2020: Annual Information Audio-visual Industry Agent/Integrator Fengqiao Award, "Silver-based Animal Kingdom" Large-screen Projection Display Equipment Industry Excellent Case Award, 2020 Large-screen Industry System Integration Engineer Award, 2020 China Outstanding Lighting, Water curtain and performance service provider/equipment supplier award;

2021: The self-owned projector brand "Keyingda" won the 2021 Projector Brand Award, "Beijing Universal Studios" - 2021 Excellent Case Award, Keyingda C-WU800L Projector - Digital Audiovisual Industry Annual "Top Ten" "New Product" Award "Universal Studios and Sea Flower Island" - Amusement Industry·Golden Crown Award for Outstanding Light and Shadow Water Curtain and Performing Arts Supplier Award.

Company Strengths

Wincomm can provide customers with long-term and reliable high-quality product supply, technical support and after-sales guarantee, in night tours, special theaters, dark rides, performing arts shows, exhibitions, exhibition centers, command centers, telecommunication centers, visual simulation, etc. In the field, he has accumulated rich experience, and more than 10,000 project cases have been implemented.

Wincomm's strong integrated design team, creative media team, simulation technology team, software and hardware development team, engineering service team and other senior teams in the whole business chain can provide customers with creative planning, media production, program design, technology and product development, system Full life cycle services such as integration, engineering implementation, and operation and maintenance assurance.

Featured Product

In 2016, Wincomn launched a self-produced high-end projector brand, the Keyingda brand. The brand is committed to the development and production of display products, and is deeply loved by users with "international quality, domestic price". In 2021, Keyingda projectors won the "Golden Peacock Award" projector brand award. Keyingda brand projector not only adopts international advanced technology, adheres to the quality control of international standards, but also meets the needs of the domestic market for cost-effective projector products, and has become the trusted choice of various customers. It is widely used in conference rooms, Exhibitions, immersive performances, theme parks, night tour lighting, simulation, scientific research and other fields, there have been many successful cases so far, such as Shanghai Songcheng Eternal Love, Beijing "720 Crossing Spaceship", Shenyang Hot Highland, Qin Opera Art Museum , Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum, Xi'an Restaurant Museum, National Defense University, China Mobile, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, a team of the Armed Police, a simulation research institute, etc.


"10,000 Years A.D." Dark Ride Project in Bailuyuan Film and Television City

2. 360° Immersive Circular Screen Project in Hall 4 of Haihua Island Museum

3. Huayi Brothers (Jinan) Movie Town-3D Mapping Show Project

4. 3D Mapping Show at Jinfu Tower in Taiping Ancient City, Quanjiao

5. Shanghai Astronomy Museum

(1)Evolution of Earth


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