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Concept I

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Concept i

Service Scope

Creative Design, Experience Design



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Architecture, Master Planning, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Graphics and Design, Lighting Design for Entertainment, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, and Mixed Use project sectors.

Target Market

Interior Design, Architecture Design, Leisure and Entertainment

Graphic, Light Design

Value Created

Offer out of the box thinking, robust design and construction processes and strong commercial success.

Awards and Achievements

2022 Best Commercial Architecture Design Project (Thailand): Seacon Office Headquarters.

2022 A Design Award Winner - in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category 2021 - 2022

2022 A Design Award Winner - Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category 2021 - 2022

2021 IDA Design Award

2021 International Property Awards

2021 International Property Awards

2021 The Global RLI Awards

2021 World Design Awards

Company Introduction

Concept i is a creative group of multi-disciplinary professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, entertainment, branding and graphics design. Our studio was established in Bangkok in 1996, and for 25 years we have specialized in retail and leisure design, east to west, across broad geographic and cultural boundaries. We design to inspire and improve people’s lives and are rigorous in our pursuit of excellence. We continuously strive for innovation through collaboration.

Our global diversity, international awards and intercultural work are a great point of pride. Our track record of built projects, service culture and strong presence in the industry continue to foster client trust and awareness.


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