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GTD Group



Service Scope

Cultural Tourism Project Turnkey Solution (Creative Design, AV Integration, Digital Content Creation, On-site Execution and Management)



Company Size


Core Product/Service

  • Cultural Tourism Performances

  • Fountain Show

  • 3D Projection Mapping

  • Multimedia Nightwalk


National High-Tech Company

Target Market

  • Cultural Tourism

  • Stage Performance

  • Tourism Destination

  • Immersive Live Entertainment

Successful Clients

Director Wang Chaoge, Poly Tourism, Songcheng Group, Hengdian Group, Shanshui Festival, Huaxia Cultural Tourism, etc.

Awards and Achivements

2019: China's Best Tourism Industry Innovation Award, Guangdong Province is only a property rights teacher, Guangzhou clean production enterprise, Huadu District innovative development outstanding enterprise, the country is only a property rights advantage enterprise, Guangdong Province Top 500 Manufacturing Industry, Huadu District Public Welfare and Charity Excellent prize.

2020: China Tourism Performing Arts Innovation Model Award, Huadu District Advanced Collective, Huadu District Model Workers and Craftsman Talent Innovation Studio, Huadu District's first "Kunpeng Plan" Enterprise Kunpeng Star, 2020 Guangzhou's Top 20 Most Growing Cultural Enterprises , National High-Tech Companys, top 500 manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong Province.

2021: In 2021, Guangzhou plans to be listed as the "Leader of the Most Capital Attention", the 11th Golden Finger "Innovative Product Award", the second prize of Guangdong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, and the cultivation of Guangzhou's "Specialized, Specialized and New" Fuyou Plan Enterprise, Guangzhou Hidden Champion Enterprise, Guangzhou Cultural Industry Innovation and Development Excellent Case Award, Guangzhou "Hundred Years and Hundreds of Products" Quality Brand Enterprise, Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, and Guangdong Top 500 Manufacturing Industry.

Company Introduction

Guangzhou Mingdao Culture Technology Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. It consists of Guangzhou Mingdao Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Mingdao Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Mingdao Stage Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Mingdao Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhuhai Hengxing Technology Co., Ltd. Composed of Qinhuaxia Hongdao Investment Center and other companies, it is a full-service provider integrating cultural tourism creative production, performing arts equipment supply, and integrated project implementation and services. In 2018, the group was selected as the only Guangzhou "future unicorn" innovative enterprise in the field of culture and entertainment.

The cultural industry development company under the group focuses on the cultural tourism industry and the night tourism economy. Based on new media visual art creativity, with cultural tourism performances, light and shadow water shows and night tour projects as the core, it provides comprehensive project planning, creative production, technical design, and construction management. Serve. Mingdao Culture brings together a large number of talents in the fields of domestic tourism performance, night tour creativity, and digital entertainment, and has created many classic cultural and creative works. The Mingdao Culture team has cooperated with the famous director Wang Chaoge for many years, and is responsible for the creative production of visual art for his series of "Impressions", "See You Again" and "Only". At the same time, Mingdao Culture undertakes the artistic creative production of the experience halls of Alibaba, Tencent and other companies.


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