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Guangzhou Night Rainbow Light Technology Co. Ltd.


Guangzhou Night Rainbow Light Technology Co. Ltd.

Service Scope

Creative design, AV integration and implementation in the field of lighting art installations



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Design and execute artistic lighting installations for brands, commercial real estate, cultural and tourism scenes


National High-Tech Company

Target Market

  • Brand

  • Commercial Real Estate

Successful Clients

  • Brand: Lancome, SKII, Sulwhasoo

  • Commercial Real Estate: Taikoo Li Group, MIXC Group, Shanghai Jiuguang, Hangzhou Hubin Intime (in77), Longfor Group, New Century Department Store Group, Wangfujing Department Store Group

Company Introduction

NR, since its establishment in 1997, has used light and light installations as a medium, through the grasp of the changing times and the understanding of market demand, in the fields of technology, art and light, it has been constantly exploring and seeking innovation. Over the past 25 years, we have successfully exported countless excellent art lighting works leading the industry in the fields of commerce, cultural tourism, real estate, and brand cross-border marketing. Continue to focus on the advantages of [Art Light/Art Lighting] and continue to be guided by [luminous media]. We have an independent and complete [one-stop] technology lighting research and development team, and we have successfully integrated and introduced contracted artists, illustrators, and animation IP. , multimedia and other resources.

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