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Updated: Aug 9, 2022



Service Scope

Digital Content Creation

Core Product/Service

VR Solutions

Target Market

  • Commercial real estate

  • Brands

  • META exhibition design

  • Cultural tourism, museums

  • VR education, etc.

Successful Clients

  • Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee

  • Alibaba, Jingdong

  • ZTE

  • Zhongtian Group

  • PetroChina

  • State Grid

  • Jiangsu Radio and Television Group

  • Shenzhen Metro Property Management Co., Ltd., Novo Nordisk

  • Wuzhou Group

  • Southern University of Science and Technology, etc.


Nanjing Human Resources Industry Excellent Brand Product, 3A Certification, ISO9001

Company Introduction

In 2021, as one of the representatives of Jianye District, the company will participate in the exhibition and trade fair of cultural and technological integration achievements, and complete the whole plan from exhibition hall design to landing explanation. The company is a young team that keeps innovating in creation.


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