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Service Scope

Turnkey Solution for Nightwalk Solution (From Creative Design to Execution)



Core Product/Service

Multimedia Technology for Night Walk, Cultural Tourism Destination


  • National National High-Tech Company

  • Zhongguancun National High-Tech Company, commercial performance license

  • China's excellent night cultural tourism operator

  • 12 computer software copyrights

Target Market

  • City government

  • Tourism destination

Awards and Achivements

Entrepreneur with High Integrity, Company with AAA Credit , Company with AAA Quality Service, AAA Credit for Service Delivery and Promise Keeping

Company Introduction

Lighttrip was established in 2017. It takes light and shadow creative technology as its business core and focuses on the development and operation of night travel. It is an excellent light and shadow cultural tourism service provider in China. Liangchen Cultural Tourism implements the concept of "light and shadow make life better", and builds an ecological system of "creativity + technology + finance" driven by cultural creativity, led by technological innovation, and supported by capital operation.

Through light and shadow creative technology to empower cultural tourism, help upgrade and reshape the night travel market, and reconstruct the value chain of the night economy industry. Relying on the "light and shadow +" model, it will detonate the consumption of cultural tourism at night in the city, and light up people's beautiful life at night! From the three dimensions of nightlife, night business and night scene, it provides creative planning, planning, technology, engineering, operation and other full-process night tour project implementation solutions for cities and scenic spots.

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