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Meow Technology

Meow Technology

Service Scope

Creative Design, Interactive Digital Content Development



Core Product/Service

  • Interactive children's science education digital content development

  • Theme exhibitions design and execution

  • Immersive education development

  • Interactive content system development

Target Market

  • Culture and Entertainment

  • Smart education

  • Science education

  • New retail

  • Digital display

Successful Clients

  • Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

  • Shanghai Library

  • Nanjing Museum

  • LEGO Discovery Center

  • Merlin Group

  • Tencent

Successful Cases

  • Changfeng Ocean World Beluga Show Stadiu

  • Tom Cat Interactive Family Entertainment Par

  • Tonglu Climate Change Science Museu

  • Tencent Digital Creative Festival

Awards and Achievements

  • Winner of the 2019 Shanghai International Science Popularization Products Expo Excellence Award

  • The honorary creator of the 2019 "Meet China" overseas tour awarded by the External Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Culture of China

Company Introduction

Meowu Technology was officially registered and established in May 2014 with a registered capital of 8.25 million.More than 15 million yuan from four investment institutions including Deqing Capital, Xingyuan Ventures, Purcheng Capital, and Tianzhang Investment dollar investment.

Meow Technology focuses on the nichi market of offering interactive solution for education market, such as children's scientific enlightenment, artistic quality training and mathematical thinking training

the core team for developing interactive digital content comes from Crystal Stone Company, Tencent Games, Commercial Real Estate Group and other industries.

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