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Service Scope

Creative Design, Exhibition Design, Installation Design



Core Product/Service

Installations、Experience Exhibition, Creative Design for Brand

Target Market

  • Public Space

  • Interactive Exhibition

  • Cultural Tourism Destination

Successful Cases

  • Xiamen·Love in Gulangyu Island

  • Shanghai·Caohejing-Interactive Landscape Design for the Standard Section of Intelligent Blocks

  • Wanda·Tree of Good Luck, WeChat Open Class-Brand Activity Interactive Installation

  • 999 Ganmaoling-Immersive Interactive Installation Exhibition

  • Fanji-Art device customization,

Company Introduction

SeeekLab is a team of multimedia installation designers with interdisciplinary backgrounds, enthusiastic about the interaction among art, media and technology. We hope to create content with Entertainment by means of Electronics, and ultimately bring people emotional Enlightenment.

Established in 2015, SeeekLab has created 90+ multimedia installations, 70+ multimedia interactive exhibitions, and provided cutting-edge creative solutions for over 60 brands/organizations. Through what we specialize in, we have explored more possibilities when encountering the public space, interactive exhibition, and cultural tourism destination.

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