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Shanghai Crystal Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Updated: Aug 14, 2022


Shanghai Crystal Digital Technology Co. Ltd.

Service Scope

Creative Design, Digital Visual, Software Development, Equipment Installation



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Video production, holographic imaging, projection interaction (planar projection, spatial projection, special projection), AVR smart wear, human perception, large-screen interaction, video and audio

Target Market

PR/Event, Professional exhibition, Cultural communication, Corporate brand, Experience space

Succesful Clients

2008 Olympic Games, 2010 World Expo, 2022 Winter Olympics

Awards and Achivements

  • 2005 Japan Expo 2005 Aichi Prefecture Digital Content Provider

  • 2008 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Video Production and Operation Project General Contractor

  • 2008 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening (Closing) Opening Ceremony Video Production and Operation Project General Contractor

Company Introduction

Shanghai Crystal Stone was established in 1999. We help customers in product launches, professional exhibitions, cultural communication, corporate brand experience spaces and other scenarios, using the powerful expressive power of visual design and digital technology to show customers exciting products, influential Brand stories to create unforgettable new media communication experiences.

The company's core advantage lies in combining different communication scenarios, using visual design to integrate dynamic images, VR/AR, touch screen/interactive table, corporate exhibition hall, immersive space and other technical means of mixing and matching, to innovatively help customers with product demonstrations, brand concepts and Promotion of corporate image.


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