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Shanghai Highking Flower Digital Technology Inc.


Shanghai Highking Flower Digital Technology Inc.

Service Scope

Project design, planning, product supply, technical services, hardware and software equipment, multimedia content production, IP image design, engineering construction, etc.



Core Product/Service

Theme parks, exhibitions, cinema chains, film and television production


National High-Tech Company,

Target Market

Themed Attraction, Museum/Science Museum, Cinema Chain, Digital Content Production

Successful Clients

China Science and Technology Museum, Weihai Science Museum, Shanghai Film Co., Ltd., Overseas Chinese Town, Evergrande Group, Wanda Cinema

Awards and Achivements

  • Project Excellence Award for Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum Three-Year Planning and Design

  • The Most Growing Valuable Brand Award for Chinese Brand

  • Excellent Supplier Award by Weihai Science and Technology Museum

  • Excellent Science Popularization Product Award of Shanghai International Science Popularization Products Expo

  • General Manager Liao Xianyun won the Best Person for China Science and Technology Innovation +

Company Introduction

Haiqinhua is a service provider of cultural science and technology industry, a national National High-Tech Company, a city-level specializing and specializing, a district-level specializing and specializing, dual-soft certificates, and has obtained a number of national patent certificates. It has been rated as a high-quality supplier and service provider by many leading companies in the industry. Haiqinhua practice is based on creativity + technology, and provides overall solutions for the cultural technology industry.

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