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Surreal Film Productions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Updated: Aug 9, 2022


Surreal Film Productions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Service Scope

Digital Content Creation, Film and Television Content Production



Company Size


Core Product/Service

Virtual Production Software and Platform


National High-Tech Company

Target Market

Film & TV、Cultural & Tourist、Commercials、 Branding

Successful Clients

Tencent、China Film Group、Shanghai Film Studios、 Bona Film、Lenovo

Awards and Achivements

Awarded Excellent Member of Shanghai Film & TV Production Association in 2019

Company Introduction

Surreal Film Productions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that focuses on the research and development of virtual reality and digital twin technology, and provides full-stack technical services and solutions for "metaverse" industries such as film and television virtual production and virtual idols.

The company has full-stack real-time rendering virtual content production solutions and products with its own intellectual property rights. Based on self-developed graphics and image algorithms, self-developed software and self-developed hardware integrated space-time synchronous virtual shooting system products, it has developed the only synchronous camera in the industry that realizes precise time and space management with completely own intellectual property rights, which is at the international advanced level.

The company provides customers with innovative film and television production services from the perspective of technology, including visual creation in the early stage of film and television, on-site synthesis and monitoring of virtual and real objects, rapid film and television production, and also involves scene and character scanning + rapid modeling, digital asset management and related technologies. At the same time, the company is also a leading domestic virtual idol live broadcast technology service provider based on UE engine.


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